Symbiosis ( Lunar Eclipse ) 2017

Giggle Juice Café: The Rancho

Giggle Juice Café: The Rancho, is a nomadic guest experience offering a full-service restaurant, juice bar, and a interactive journey like no other. The Rancho is the gateway to this experience. We offer the opportunity to explore culinary landscapes that rejuvenate your spirit with a full menu that includes: juices, smoothies, plant-based cuisine and our signature dish, Sexy Eggs.

Food is at the root of all Culture. It is the heartbeat of community. It inspires creativity and encourages oneness. Nourishment is a fundamental offering of rituals, ceremony and celebration. Food is medicine; the energy and embodiment of the magic and gift of nature. Food is also an offering that the earth gives, an offering of our caretakers, an offering flowing from the hearts of chefs and artists who live to express themselves by offering sustenance to their guests. The kitchen is a place of artistic creation and is often the place where magic, medicine, conversation, stories and all sorts of exchanges happen. It is the most delectable part of gatherings. At The Rancho, guests will experience these sentiments.

The Rancho Experience
The Rancho is a portal for infinite possibilities of spontaneous, organic and communal exchanges. It is an incubator of core festival elements where artists, producers and guests mix and mingle their unique flavors into alchemy of co-creation. It is a gathering place for participatory exchanges; where music and food harmonize and flirt with each other.

The foundation of the Rancho is held together by creative communal exchanges. Those exchanges could look like; a thematic drink and appetizer with a live DJ and sound track of requested and/or curated music or a blindfolded chocolate tasting to activate the heart or an explorative participatory workshop on aphrodisiac foods or cultural history of ceremonial plant medicines.
The Rancho offers a respite shaded lounge area with:
• Fine Dining experience, featuring Gangster chefs.
• Surprises where the Chef is spinning and the DJ is cooking
• Juice Bar “ Happy Hour “ Mixology
• Workshops
• One on one sensual blindfolded dining journey
• The Rancho team interactive Ballet
• The Flavor of Sound, live performance.
• Photo Booth

Food is life and at The Rancho, life is celebrated through culinary culture, music, flavors, dance and lots of joy to sustain us beyond this space. At The Rancho, the kitchen serves as a place for community celebration. You will be delighted and inspired at The Rancho with a memorable everlasting good taste of organic spontaneous magic to sustain you on the journey through the eclipse and beyond.